Re: Confused with adding drivers to kernel via bitbake -c menuconfig

Kevyn-Alexandre Paré <kapare@...>

Hi Alvin,

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 11:53 PM, Alvin D.M. DIZON
<adm.dizon@...> wrote:
I tried "cat tmp/work/<PATH>/linux-imx/<VERSION>/build/.config | grep CONFIG_BT" but there was no "build" folder inside linux-imx/<VERSION>, right after the version folder there is only bt.cfg, which is my configuration fragment. and defconfig. I have built the needed modules outside of Yocto, but I still want to try adding modules via bitbake. I have also configured the drivers as modules, not as built-in to the kernel. I'll post updates once I make some progress.
I should have said to look in the Build directory of linux-imx in your


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