Re: bbappend - Where should my file be?

Chris Tapp

Scott / Bruce,

On 12 Aug 2011, at 00:57, Scott Garman wrote:

cp: cannot stat
`/home/chris/yocto/yocto-versions/laverne-4.0.1/meta/recipes-kernel/ linux/files/defconfig':
No such file or directory
It looks like this is where the file is expected.

I believe also meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux/defconfig should also work.
I should have mentioned that ;-) As the bbappend file is in my layer, I was expecting (and want) the defconfig file to be stored/found in it. I created this layer by copying another one that I've got. It's unpack log shows:

NOTE: Unpacking /home/chris/yocto/yocto-downloads/ to /home/chris/ yocto/sjs-build/tmp/work/LX800-poky-linux/linux- wrs -2.6.34 + git0 + b67e060194a38c6331da1532bd06446087a42b3b_0 +0431115c9d720fee5bb105f6a7411efb4f851d26-r12/
NOTE: Unpacking /home/chris/yocto/meta-keylevel-sjs/recipes/linux/ linux-wrs/defconfig to /home/chris/yocto/sjs-build/tmp/work/LX800-poky- linux/linux- wrs -2.6.34 + git0 + b67e060194a38c6331da1532bd06446087a42b3b_0 +0431115c9d720fee5bb105f6a7411efb4f851d26-r12/

I suspect I've got something configured wrong with the new layer, but...

On 12 Aug 2011, at 01:28, Bruce Ashfield wrote:

I believe also meta/recipes-kernel/linux/linux/defconfig should also work.
Yep, bitbake is telling us where it is looking. The -wrs_git is the
extension to the recipe, so that isn't where it is looking.
Sorry Bruce, that was a typo (see working log above for a layer that works). I've tried using:

MyLayer/recipies/linux/files/defconfig (with no FILESEXTRAPATHS)

On another note, there's been a lot of fixes to the kern tools to
improve the process for adding BSPs and extending the tree (and
one defconfig bug fix), so I'll be interested to hear how this
I'm planning to give it a try after the next release. I'm currently just trying to migrate an existing (4.0.1) project to a new platform and decided to add a new layer rather than change version at the same time.

Chris Tapp


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