Setting up an init other than SysVinit or systemd?

Bryan Evenson


I am in the process of upgrading core items in my image (core-image-minimal with a few additional packages), and one item I am taking a look at is changing my init from SysVinit. I know the other easily supported option for init is systemd, but if I change to systemd I want to do it because it works best for my setup and not just because I think its my only other option. I'd like to try some other init options out, but I don't see how to setup the configuration to use an init other than SysVinit or systemd and I am looking for some help.

From looking at the OpenEmbedded Metadata Index, I see there is a recipe for Upstart ( so I'm assuming somone else has used Upstart at least at one time. I also know that Busybox includes runit. I'd like to give each of these a try to see how they work, but first I need to build an image with these init managers. From looking at the development manual I see how to choose systemd but I don't see how to choose anything else.

What configuration variables do I need to set in order to use a different init system? What items do I need to add that are automatically added when using SysVInit or systemd that would not be added when using an unsupported init system?


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