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2014-11-19 15:12 GMT+00:00 Bryan Evenson <bevenson@...>:

I'm getting close to implementing this feature, but I'm having some issues getting auto.conf formatted correctly. See below.

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After looking through the autobuilder code, I don't see anywhere in which
PREMIRRORS can be set and used. I see in that
PREMIRRORS is always set to "". I don't think it'd be that difficult to add
PREMIRRORS as a CreateAutoConf parameter for the buildsets. I can work
on the change and submit the patch. But before I start I have a few

1. I plan on implementing the PREMIRRORS parameter as an array, similar to
'layerdirs' for CreateBBLayersConf. For example:

{'CreateAutoConf' : {'PREMIRRORS' : ['git://.*/.*
http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ',
'ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ ',
'http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ',
'https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ']}

would add the following to auto.conf:

PREMIRRORS = 'git://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \
ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ \
http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \
https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ '

Does this sound reasonable, or would a different parameter format be
I would actually do this similar to how we have DEVKERNEL_MUT_REPO.

PREMIRRORS = ['git://.*/.*
http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/', 'ftp://.*/.*
http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/', 'http://.*/.*
http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/', 'https://.*/.*

I am trying to add a single PREMIRROR using the syntax I specified above. At this time it is getting inserted in auto.conf. However, the system is going into an infinite loop building the PREMIRROR path. The added content to auto.conf at this time looks like:

http://.*.* http://server.repo.local/mirror/sources/ \n \

And from looking at log.do_fetch for the package that attempts to use the PREMIRROR, the log is filled with "server.repo.localserver.repo.localserver.repo.local" repeating. Any tips on how PREMIRRORS should be built?

Here's what I have so far in

fout = fout + 'PREMIRRORS = " \ \n'
if list(self.PREMIRRORS):
for premirror in self.PREMIRRORS:
fout = fout + premirror + ' \\\\n \ \n'
fout = fout + '" \n'

Any tips on how to change things so PREMIRRORS is correctly parsed?
#make sure you add
#export PREMIRRORS=""
# to yocto-autobuilder-setup

if os.environ.get('PREMIRRORS') is not None:
fout =+ 'PREMIRRORS = "\ \n'
for mirror in premirrors:.....

I think this should do what you're looking for.

Elizabeth Flanagan
Yocto Project
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