using preferred_provider

Vinodh Rajaraman (vrajaram) <vrajaram@...>

Facing an issue, where item 'ยน is provided by 2
different packages (libpython2.7-1.0-2.7.2-r5.19.lib32_x86, is our own implementation that packages this file. While building
final image, do_rootfs() complains that there is a conflict and errors

error: file /usr/lib/ conflicts between attempted
installs of core-1.0-r0.lib32_n9000 and

Is it okay to add below variable to denote that I want to ignore content
of libpython2.7 and use the item provided by core? Or is below syntax
wrong? I keep getting above error, so looking for some help to resolve
this. ?= "core"


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