Re: autobuilder: How to set PREMIRRORS?

Bryan Evenson


After looking through the autobuilder code, I don't see anywhere in which PREMIRRORS can be set and used. I see in that PREMIRRORS is always set to "". I don't think it'd be that difficult to add PREMIRRORS as a CreateAutoConf parameter for the buildsets. I can work on the change and submit the patch. But before I start I have a few questions:

1. I plan on implementing the PREMIRRORS parameter as an array, similar to 'layerdirs' for CreateBBLayersConf. For example:

{'CreateAutoConf' : {'PREMIRRORS' : ['git://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ',
'ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ ',
'http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ',
'https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ ']}

would add the following to auto.conf:

PREMIRRORS = 'git://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \
ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ \
http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \
https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ '

Does this sound reasonable, or would a different parameter format be preferred?

2. Should the final text in auto.conf be 'PREMIRRORS =' or 'PREMIRRORS +='? Since there is no other way to add to PREMIRRORS that I can see, I don't know if it matters or not.

3. I see there is now an html document for autobuilder. Should any additions still be documented in README-NEW-AUTOBUILDER or is that file being abandoned?


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