Re: recipe fails to load local files

Anders Darander

Just a few nitpick's...

* Bryan Evenson <bevenson@...> [141114 15:21]:

FILES_${PN} += "~/poky/meta-atmel-lsp/recipes-lsp/zd1211-
FILES doesn't specify where to find the files on the build machine, it
specifies where the installed files exist on the target filesystem.
This is what the error you are seeing is telling you; the files were
installed in the do_install step but they did not get placed in the
final package. In your case I believe:
FILES_${PN} += "${libdir}/zd1211_*"
FILES_${PN} += "/lib/firmware/zd1211"

would work.
SRC_URI = "\
file://zd1211_ub \
file://zd1211_uph \
file://zd1211_uphm \
file://zd1211_uphr \
file://zd1211_ur \
do_install() {
install -d ${D}/lib/firmware/zd1211
install -m 0555 ${WORKDIR}/zd1211_* ${D}/lib/firmware/zd1211/
As mentioned in the FILES variable description in the Yocto manual,
you should use the standard path variables whenever possible. The
list of available path variables are near the top of
meta/conf/bitbake.conf. That means in your case the following would
be better:
Well, in general that's true. Though, in this specific case, it should
actually be a hardcoded /lib/firmware. ${libdir} could be lib64 or
something else, especially in a multilib-build. However, the firmware
files are always searched for in /lib/firmware.


do_install() {
install -d ${D}/${libdir}/firmware/zd1211
install -m 0555 ${WORKDIR}/zd1211_* ${D}/${libdir}/firmware/zd1211/
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