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If that is your entire recipe, I don’t see any FILES specification:  The SRC_URI just says where to get the source, but the FILES states which files are expected to be added to the package.  I believe the FILES variable is auto-populated by a compiled package, which is why you may not see the FILES variable in every recipe.  But in your case in which you don’t compile the code but are just installing files on disk, you need to fill out the FILES variable.





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I am using yocto 1.6.1 and I have a a number of recipes in

I have a lightpdbbappend that loads local files, I have a wpa-supplicant.bbappend that loads local files, but I am also trying to load some firmware that should load local files but fails.

In ~/home/poky/meta-atmel-lsp/recipes-lsp/zd1211-firmware/ I have the recipe as follows:

SUMMARY = "Belkin Wifi Firmware"

SRC_URI = "\
  file://zd1211_ub \
  file://zd1211_uph \
  file://zd1211_uphm \
  file://zd1211_uphr \
  file://zd1211_ur \

do_install() {
        install -d ${D}/lib/firmware/zd1211
    install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/zd1211_*    ${D}/lib/firmware/zd1211/
I sourced these files but not the recipe from:

The files indicated in the recipe are in :

When I create the image, no directory is created as /lib/firmware/zd1211
and also no files are loaded into it.

I have also tried {THISDIR}  instead of using {WORKDIR}
I also tried specifying a specific file rather than using the wild card
I have also tried using 'cp' instead of 'install -m 0755'

None seem to work.
I am expecting the firmware files to be located in:
but they are not.

I originally started with a recipe to load the files directly from the source, but that did not work. The original recipe used was from:

That did not work and now I am extracting the files from the .tar and trying to load them direct.
Maybe the same problem exists between the original recipe and loading the .tar files.

Thanks for any help

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