autobuilder: How to set PREMIRRORS?

Bryan Evenson

For my autobuilder, I am setting up a local mirror to hold sources for packages that have been unreliable for download. For my day-to-day work, I have setup the PREMIRRORS in my local.conf as suggested in the latest Yocto manual and it has been working fine. I am trying to get my autobuilder to use the PREMIRRORS and I am having issues since the autobuilder does not modify local.conf. I have one package that at this time is only available at our local mirror, so testing has at least been easy.

I have tried adding the PREMIRRORS to the BuildSettings section of autobuilder.conf as follows:
PREMIRRORS = 'git://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n \
ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ \n \
http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n \
https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n'

My settings showed up on the initial list of environment variables but the system but the build did not fetch source from our local mirror. I then tried adding a PREMIRRORS string in the CreateAutoConf step for a build as follows:

'PREMIRRORS' : ['git://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n',
'ftp://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path /mirror/sources/ \n',
'http://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n',
'https://.*/.* http://our/local/mirror/path/mirror/sources/ \n']

But PREMIRRORS remained empty in the generated auto.conf. I have not pulled in updates for autobuilder for a few months, but I don't see any changes in the logs that look like are related to the PREMIRRORS variable.

Is there a way to add PREMIRRORS to a build's configuration? If so, how do you do it?


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