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Andrei Gherzan

I did nothing regarding RPI b+ as i don't own a device like that. If you guys can make it work and patches are needed in order to accomplish this, please send them over mailing list and/or review gerrit.

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 4:06 PM, Mike Hogg <mikehogg@...> wrote:
Yes you can and I have. Search the pi forum for my posts there, last time I tried a yocto build for the b+ it pulled in the old pi firmware which doesn't work on the b+. Per my notes on the pi forum thats easily fixed by copying firmware from another b+ image.

On 31 October 2014 12:13:53 GMT+00:00, Natural Groove <natural_groove@...> wrote:

I am interested in using oe to crossbuild stuff for raspberry pi b+, and
I wondered if someone already achieved to do this?
From what I read there are some specifics to deal with, can someone
help me with setting this up for b+?

Thanks in advance

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