Change in packagegroup doesn't cause image rebuild

Vuille, Martin (Martin) <vmartin@...>

Yocto 1.6.1 / daisy


I’m making the transition from denzil/1.2 to daisy.


I have converted tasks from 1.2 to packagegroups.


Something is not working properly, and perhaps I am doing

something wrong, or perhaps my expectations are incorrect.


My image recipes refer to my package groups in IMAGE_INSTALL.

My packagegroup recipes list the packages in each group in



After a recent build, I made a change to one of the packagegroups

by adding a package.


I then rebuilt the images that include this packagegroup, but

bitbake didn’t do anything.


I then bumped the PR in the packagegroup recipe, but that

didn’t make bitbake rebuild anything either.


Clearly I’m missing something important. Any ideas?



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