Re: How to debug dependency/setscene/sstate issues

Bob Cochran

Won't Toaster give you the insight you seek?

I still need to ramp up on mastering it, but I was hoping it would help with this sort of thing.

On 11/01/2014 08:08 AM, Vuille, Martin (Martin) wrote:
I am using Poky daisy / Yocto 1.6.1

Occasionally, when building a custom image or SDK after changing

a package recipe or package content, I find that the do_rootfs task is not

executed for the image or the do_populate_sdk task is not executed

for the sdk.

There are custom classes, packages, packagegroups involved, so it is

possible, nay likely, that the problem is something I did or should’ve

done but didn’t.

How to approach this problem?

Because the problem is intermittent, I usually won’t realize there was

a problem until after bitbake is done and didn’t build what I expected.

Is there a way to retrospectively review bitbake’s decision-making?

Or do I need to run with –DDD all the time?


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