Questions on transition to PR service

Bryan Evenson


I am currently on the dylan branch and I am working toward transitioning to the daisy branch. Overall it is building okay but now on the daisy branch I am getting the warnings about using PRINC being deprecated and I should be using the PR service. Before I make the transition, I have some questions about its operation that I couldn't find answers to in the documentation.

1. Does the PR service do an initial PR append when first enabled? For example, let's say I just built core-image-minimal. If I then enable the PR service and re-issue "bitbake core-image-minimal", does the PR service append a ".1" to every package that is built by core-image-minimal or will it only append the ".1" to a package the first time the metadata changes for the package and it is rebuilt? I want to make sure that
2. If a recipe gets upgraded, does the PR appended value get reset? For example, if I upgrade recipe to, does the PR service reset its appended value to ".1"?
3. I see that the bitbake-prserv-tool script has a method for importing and exporting the PRs. My goal is to be able to re-generate a specific release with the same PRs if needed, but I want to verify how this would work with the PR service. If I were to do the following:
a. Build a version of core-image-minimal on machine A with the latest upstream changes and a few changes to our own applications.
b. Commit the latest layers to our local Git repository.
c. Export the PRs and commit the output file to our local Git repository.
d. Tag our local Git repositories as "v1.0".
e. On machine B, checkout "v1.0", import the PRs and rebuild core-image minimal.
Would the resulting PRs for each package be the same on machine A and machine B? If not, is there a different order of operations/method to get the same PRs?


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