qemuarm built from daisy has no mouse pointer display when run on darwin

Chris Hallinan <challinan@...>


I'm playing around with core-image-sato built for MACHINE=qemuarm, and running under qemu-system-arm on Mavericks.  I'm using qemu version 2.1.2 from macports, and the qemuarm images were built from YP 1.6/Daisy.

My core-image-sato binaries (kernel/rootfs) run perfectly on the host on which it was built (U12.04) and in fact, runs fine on my Mavericks platform except there is no mouse pointer visible.  When I move the mouse into the qemu window and click once, the mouse pointer disappears.  I am getting mouse events from /dev/input/event1, and in fact, clicking around blindly I have determined that I can actually click on stuff and cause them to execute, it's just that there is no visible mouse pointer.

While I realize this is likely not a supported scenario, it would be hugely convenient for me in my workflow.  I travel with a MB Air, and it's just too lightweight for a VM.  Can anyone suggest how I might go about troubleshooting and/or discovering a possible workaround?  Anyone have any ideas?  Is there a better list where I might ask this question?


Chris Hallinan

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