Re: Release Candidate Build for yocto-1.7.rc4 now available.

Michael Halstead

The QA_MAIL_CC value in ./config/autobuilder.conf needed to be comma
separated. I think it is fixed now.

Thanks for the report.

Michael Halstead
Yocto Project / SysAdmin

On 10/12/2014 04:33 AM, Paul Barker wrote:
On 12 October 2014 01:51, Poky Build User
<pokybuild@...> wrote:
This is an automated message from
The Yocto Project Autobuilder
Git: git://
Email: elizabeth.flanagan@...

I noticed that the Cc list for the original email looks to be corrupted:
Cc: "", elizabeth.flanagan@...,
"", ""@yoctoproject.orgalexandru.c.georgescu,

Just letting you know incase you missed this and it needs attention,

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