Release Candidate Build for yocto-1.7.rc5 now available.

Poky Build User <pokybuild@...>

A release candidate build for yocto-1.7.rc5 is now available at:

Please begin QA on this build as soon as possible.

Build hash information:
meta-intel : 1596df150a37181b438f0fca547c86f2cc275e40
meta-fsl-arm : 8e65d3798f5791d0e7e77ef3393c479f12167baf
meta-minnow : 13a5f2ab84c7284647a3e067a33109c11dae0568
meta-qt3 : 3016129d90b7ac8517a5227d819f10ad417b5b45
meta-fsl-ppc : deb326df1489d4844f911605a2627f95c89b167f
poky : 924da20c6f2f183fa7e930e4c3c6b14c090acbe5

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