Distro 1.0 Planning minutes

Kamble, Nitin A <nitin.a.kamble@...>


PRC: Dave, RP, PRC Distro Team,

US: Beth, Scott, Nitin, Saul


Opens: no opens


4 milestones


M2: 6 sprints


M3 : 6 sprints

  around a week of sprint

  sprint A is bit longer


M4: stabilizing & bug fixing


Release: on Apr 1st (April Fool’s Day), Contingency Apr 15th

 release venue: Linux foundation event on Apr 6th week


PRC Holidays:

  New hear holiday: Feb 3rd, normally 8 days, people may take extra days off before or after

  Saul: QA testing may need pushing further 1 week ?

  Dave: the QA test may be complete by the new year holiday


For publically publishing this plan, remove owner/source ?

: take it offline


Main goals of 1.0 release:

  Improve overall experience, and add new BSPs.


Package updates:

  License Checksum & Source Checksum  (in bb files)

    Will be made fetal errors

  Source Checksum:

    The current checkers only checks the source checksum in the ini files and not in bb files.

    Will drop from sprint B ?

    Need to do Audit to find how many are mismatching.

    AR: for Saul

  Mark will be doing package distribution

  Need to do package updates as soon as we can.



M3: Package updates, should be a small list


Yu Ke: work with Saul, rootless X & checksum


Qing: work with Mark on zypper/RPM, performance investigation,

  RP: fork vs. exec discussion


Edwin: KVM/qemu work, qemu recipe maintainer, audio in qemu?

  Our qemu has big patch for GL pass through


Dongxiao:  sysroot per machine per recipe

        Image creator ?

        ophono ?


Lei: help Beth with package history

   How long is your internship? 1 year. till next summer



   M2: toolchain, eglibc, gcc with testing, perl

   M3: mklibs with mark

   eglibc & busybox need newer patches for fedora 14;  josh's patches can go in.



   security process

   libtool sysroot support

   upstream documentation enabling/disabling

   helping Beth with autobuilder

   helping with sysadmin





   creating license directory for release process

   Documentation of release process & clarifying

   Package History with Saul & RP


open task list:

   BSP work

   profiling & tracing

   Package developer tool ?

   updating metademo apps









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