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Hi Daniel,

On 07/10/2014 15:05, Daniel C. A (NESTIT) wrote:


                Presently im working on i.mx6 EVK for Automotive application. I have used ‘fsl-image-gui’ which was Bitbaked using Yocto-dora release. Since I’m worked on CAN interfaces, I got the following queries.

1.       How to make CAN interfaces up on EVK?

2.       Is there anything that I have to consider when I Bitbake fsl-image-gui?

3.       Has fsl-image-gui got support for basic drivers like CAN,I2c,gpio driver., etc?

4.       My intention is to test CAN Tx/rx using CAN Analyzer and EVK, what all are the steps for the same?Is there any document that I can follow?



           Daniel C A


Have you asked over at the meta-freescale list? As you know, driver support is likely to be closely linked to the Linux kernel
provided for the i.MX6, and they are in the best position over on that list to answer your question.

Whilst I don't have a definitive answer for you if you look at the Freescale Embedded Linux bundle for the i.MX6 processor
(e.g. L3.10.17_1.0.0_LINUX_DOCS  ) you will see sections on GPIO, I2C, and FlexCAN. There are also details in those sections on
the specific kernel configuration options that need to be turned on if they are not already turned on by default in the
meta-freescale kernel configuration.

If the drivers you need are not built into the standard kernel by default then you will need to make some configuration changes.

To do so you might wish to start by looking at the Yocto kernel development manual here

Incidentally. I haven't yet had a chance to pick up a copy of Otavio Salvador's book "Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project"
but he's active with all of this over on the meta-freescale list so you could probably do worse than take a look at his book.




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