Re: Recommended Hardware for building

Denys Dmytriyenko

On Thu, Oct 02, 2014 at 11:04:43AM +0100, Burton, Ross wrote:
On 2 October 2014 10:36, Oliver Novakovic <Oliver.Novakovic@...> wrote:
Can anyone recommend a reasonable performant hardware setup to use ?

What should be considered ? Are there any pitfalls ? What about bottlenecks
in the build system ?


How many cores are recommended ? And how much cache is necessary ?
How much of the main memory does Yocto really use ? Is 32 GB sufficient or
should I go for 64 ?

Does it make sense to use two SSDs as Raid0 to get builds faster ?
As much of everything as you can afford. :) The build isn't heavy in
any particular metric, so don't sacrifice RAM for SSDs for example.

RAID 0 over SSD would be nice and fast, but I prefer having a good
amount of RAM and a tuned ext4 (no journal, long commit delay) so data
doesn't actually hit the disk as frequently. Keeping the actual build
directories on a separate disk is good for performance and not causing
data loss when you lose a disk.

There are people that have 64GB in machines and then set TMPDIR to a
tmpfs. Surprisingly this isn't that much faster (5% or so), but it's
a lot easier on the hardware and power consumption.
That's how I roll - after I lost few SSD drives by constantly building and
rebuilding stuff, I ended up shoving 64GB of RAM into my gear and building
into RAM-based tmpfs. Of course, there are size limits to what can be built in
one go, but there are workarounds and ways to serialize builds...


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