Re: is there a list of yocto-supported dev kits somewhere?

Bryan Evenson


I'm copying Nicolas Ferre from Atmel, the main maintainer of their meta layer, in case anything I say needs correction.

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On Fri, 5 Sep 2014, Bryan Evenson wrote:


Atmel has their own board support layer that they have not submitted
as an official Yocto Project BSP. Their layer supports their
AT91SAM9x5-EK series and their SAMA5D3 series evaluation kits.
I've been using their AT91SAM9G25-EK kit for my reference design.
Since Atmel doesn't have a BSP that is officially supported by the
Yocto Project, I'm not sure whether it belongs with your list or not.
sorry for the delay, was embedded (pun intended :-) in another project. i
don't think it's necessary for a layer to be an "official"
yocto layer, so much as it just needs to work out of the box for a dev kit.

so if you've used this layer and it works just fine, i'll add it to my list. just
point me at the relevant info.
Atmel's layer is at Their main support wiki is located at, with the Yocto-specific material located at Let me know if you were looking for some more information for this list




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