PR Server import/export questions

Bryan Evenson


I'm making the transition from the dylan to daisy branch, and in my first attempt I got a bunch of QA warnings about PRINC being deprecated and that I should start using a PR service. I took a look through the manual and the PR server wiki and I still have some concerns about the PR server. I may be able to figure out some of these things with trial and error, but given what could go wrong if I mess this up I thought it'd be prudent to ask a few questions first.

My big concern for using a PR server for consistently generating a package feed for firmware upgrades. Our big concern is if something were to happen to the PR server and we would lose the last PR state. I believe this is where the bitbake-prserv-tool import and export come in as described on the PR Service wiki. However, the details on the import and export are a little light.

Could someone describe a basic workflow using the PR server and backing up the PR data? I'm assuming that the exported PR file can be stored in a local Git repository, but having never seen the exported data I didn't know if there were any issues in backing up the exported PRs in this manner. If this would work, then I'm assuming a workflow could be:
1. Pull latest from local Git server and import PRs to the PR server.
2. Do work for next system version.
3. Push updates back to local Git server.
4. Pull latest Git server and test for candidate release.
5. Perform minor bug fixes and push back to local Git server.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until there are no more bug fixes pushed back to the local Git server.
7. Export PRs from the PR server, push PRs to local Git server and tag the release.

Anyone see any issues with this workflow? If so, how have you been handling working with the PR server at your organization? Has anyone else had any other issues using a PR server?


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