Re: Additional / new BSP collection?

Kumar Gala <galak@...>

On Jul 27, 2011, at 8:50 AM, Tom Zanussi wrote:

Hi Kumar,

For meta-intel, it's pretty simple and is summarized by this blurb from
the meta-intel MAINTAINERS file:

"Please submit any patches against meta-intel BSPs to the Yocto mailing
list (yocto@...)."

Basically, new patches get submitted to the mailing list, go through the
standard on-list comment and review process, and then get pulled into
master by whoever maintains the BSP when everything looks good.

Hope that helps,

Ok, same model would work for meta-fsl-ppc. The one question I have is if it make sense to migrate such patches over to 'yocto-bsp@...' list.

- k

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