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On 14-07-22 12:02 PM, akuster wrote:

On 07/22/2014 08:58 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 14-07-22 11:54 AM, akuster wrote:

Regarding a few packages in category C&D.

I have latest samhain building as well as grsecurity (pax patches
applied against 3.14.12) in a branch in my meta-security tree. I have a
bit more testing to do before I was going to post them.
And on this note, we should consider the kernel parts and see if getting
them into a common location is a good idea.

We already have the linux-yocto tree, and it tracks LTSI, has CVE and
-stable tracking, and is maintained to support the set of reference

Creating yet more reference kernel trees doesn't help our goal of
fewer trees and a discrete set of kernel versions.
Great, glad to hear.

I wasn't trying to divert the discussion, just seeing if there
was anywhere I could help.

I know for certain that Joe has a LOT of experience with grsec, and
I've been helping maintain its 'tentacles' for a long time, so I'm
sure we can come up with something workable when the time is right.




Just something to consider.



grsecurity and samhain aren't CGL specific and they maybe belong in a
more generalize layer? just a thought.


On 07/22/2014 03:52 AM, Alexandru Vaduva wrote:
Hello Joe,

Here at Enea we are preparing the steps needed for publishing the
layer on the open embedded meta layers initiative:
For this we started working at a web page that should contain all the
relevant information regarding meta-cgl. It will be available in a
couple of weeks. Until then the layer will be available internally and
the patches should
be submitted as the README states: on the enealinux@...
mailing list. We will try to make the switch to Open Embedded mailing
list as quick as possible.

Regarding the other B, C and D packages that we will try to add into
the meta-cgl layer, I will post this information below, but keep in
mind that this information will also be available on the web page.
Category B packages:
- ifenslave
- evlog
- crash
- mipv6-daemon-umip
- openl2tp
Category C&D packages:
- drbd
- grsecurity
- logcheck
- makedumpfile
- numactl
- ocfs2-tools
- pam_passwdqc
- samhain
- ltt-usertrace
- ftrace
The above lists correspond with only the P1 requirements that we try
to fulfill for the moment. If there are any questions and/or
suggestions regarding this CGL initialtive please address them to me
and I will try to offer a response in the
shortest time possible.


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To: Alexandru Vaduva
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Subject: Re: [yocto] [OE-core] Carrier Grade layer proposal

Hey Alex,

I've been away from this for a bit but now I'm getting time to look at
it again and I was wondering if you had any deeper level of detail you
could share about the work going on in meta-cgl. Obviously since this
is a new registration and one that will look rather different from all
of the other CGL registrations currently, those of us in the CGL
workgroup were quite interested to see this happen. Personally I'm
also interested in this since it's the kind of thing I've been doing
for a long time now and if I can, I'd like to help out. In
particular, if you've got a list of, say, the category B+ items, that
might be something I can do that will be independent of your work on
the more active cat-A stuff. OTOH, cat-A is easy to work on since
those are the items I saw when I was working with meta-cgl a month or
so back. I know you guys are focused on your part of it, but if you
had sort of a "here's how to help us" guide, that'd be awesome.

Also, I probably missed it, but is the intent to use either the yocto
list or the oe list for all meta-cgl discussions, or do you have a
dedicated list we can sign up for? I see you have guidance for
sending submissions to meta-cgl, but is that a list that's open to the
community, or is it an internal alias / distribution list for Enea?


On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 2:43 PM, Alexandru Vaduva
<Alexandru.Vaduva@...> wrote:
Hello Jeff,

The errors are package related.
Meta-cgl can be seen as a non BSP specific layer (it can be viewed as
the LSB from poky).
I already started fixing a number, of the already existing errors and
the patches will be added upstream after proper testing.
I will continue the bug fixing and package integration (into the
core-image-cgl image) process and after that is finished I will
continue with the Category B packages.

I will also try to keep you guys informed about the latest updates,
mainly on the YPTM, but for those who cannot wait that much, there is
the Git repository with which they can interact:;a=summary

Have a good day,

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Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 9:22 PM
To: Alexandru Vaduva
Subject: Re: [OE-core] Carrier Grade layer proposal

Thanks, Alex.

Others on the mailing lists, if you have any comments on the contents
of this new layer, please mention them on this thread.

Re compilation errors, were they specific to a BSP or were they
general errors in the packages?


On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 8:01 AM, Alexandru Vaduva
<Alexandru.Vaduva@...> wrote:
Hello Jeff,

The available layer is a work in progress.

For the moment we have done an internal mapping of the packages
needed inside meta-cgl layer. The mapping is done as following:
A. Requirement that map against package/packages with recipes that
already exists in Yocto
A1. Requirement that map against package/packages with recipes
already existing in meta-enea
A2. Requirement that map against package/packages with recipes
exists in Yocto (but not in meta-enea) B. Requirement that map
against package/packages without any recipe C. Requirement does not
directly map against package/packages and needs some investigation.
D. Requirement that no solution have been found after a more detailed

When the release was made available on the public repository, the
packages from the A1 and A2 were integrated, a bunch of them with
compilation errors:

- lksctp-tools

- openais

- pacemaker

- openhpi

- open-iscsi-user

- open-iscsi-kernel

- libcap-ng

- cluster-glue

- cluster-resource-agents

The activity on the meta-cgl was resumed today and those build and
integration errors will be dealt next.

On the longer run we will try to create recipes and/or fulfill all
the other requirements from the class B, C, and D.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.


From: Jon Aldama
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 1:07 PM
To: Alexandru Vaduva; Cosmin Moldoveanu; Jenny Andersson; David
Cc: Daniel Bornaz; Adrian Dudau
Subject: RE: Carrier Grade layer proposal

Roger that! Thanks Alexandru!

From: Alexandru Vaduva
Sent: den 27 juni 2014 11:43
To: Jon Aldama; Cosmin Moldoveanu; Jenny Andersson; David Nyström
Cc: Daniel Bornaz; Adrian Dudau
Subject: RE: Carrier Grade layer proposal

Hello Jon,

We will first have an internal meeting on Monday and after that I
will offer an answer to Jeff.


From: Jon Aldama
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 12:32 PM
To: Cosmin Moldoveanu; Jenny Andersson; David Nyström
Cc: Alexandru Vaduva; Daniel Bornaz; Adrian Dudau
Subject: RE: Carrier Grade layer proposal

Thank you Cosmin,

Alexandru, could you please respond Jeff at the mailing list? (see



From: Cosmin Moldoveanu
Sent: den 27 juni 2014 10:59
To: Jenny Andersson; Jon Aldama; David Nyström
Cc: Alexandru Vaduva; Daniel Bornaz; Adrian Dudau
Subject: RE: Carrier Grade layer proposal


Alexandru Vaduva will be main responsible for interfacing with
community on meta-cgl topic. He will also attend Yocto Technical
Meetings whenever necessary from now on.



From: Jenny Andersson
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 10:32 AM
To: Jon Aldama; David Nyström; Cosmin Moldoveanu
Cc: Valentin Cobelea
Subject: RE: Carrier Grade layer proposal

Hi Cosmin,

How took over after Valentin left Enea? Could someone in your team



From: Jon Aldama
Sent: den 27 juni 2014 09:28
To: David Nyström; Jenny Andersson
Cc: Valentin Cobelea
Subject: FW: Carrier Grade layer proposal

David, Jenny,

Will any of you answer this?

BTW, have you managed to file the Yocto compatibility application?



From: Osier-mixon, Jeffrey [mailto:jeffrey.osier-mixon@...]
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Cc: Philip Balister
Subject: YP: Carrier Grade layer proposal

Hi all - this is a simple followup to our meeting at ELC regarding a
meta-cgl layer, proposed by Enea.

The plan was to create a list of recipes to be included, and to start
a discussion on the mailing list.There is a thread on the list from
back in April, but I don't see anything more recent than that. Has
there been any progress?


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