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Armin Kuster


On 07/14/2014 03:54 PM, Christopher Larson wrote:
On Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 3:50 PM, Saul Wold <sgw@...> wrote:
On 07/14/2014 03:38 PM, akuster wrote:
Hello all,

I noticed some reference to /etc/os-release in some recipes. Where can I
find the initial creation of /etc/os-release? If one is not created,
would there desire to have one?

Really?  We reference it in the meta/lib/oe/ release_dict_file() function to search for LSB information of the host machine to identify the host distro version information.

Can you be specific about which recipes are using os-release, I did do a search.

I'm pretty sure we don't have an os-release recipe in oe-core at all yet, so the file isn't going to exist on target. Mentor has one in meta-mentor at the moment pending time to submit it again / poke on the existing thread. See the thread with the subject "[RFC PATCH 0/2] Add /etc/os-release". It's definitely something we should have, in my opinion.
Yeah, That is what I was thinking of.
Thanks for the pointer.

- Armin

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