Re: How to select defconfig for kernel build with yocto/bitbake

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 14-07-10 07:11 AM, Dr. Markus Eich wrote:
Thank you Bruce, that did the trick. But I am facing a new problem while
using bitbake for the build process.

I have checked to build the odroid kernel with a standard crosscompiler
tool chain and it works without any problems.

When I do the same with the bitbake toolchain (bitbake virtual/kernel),
it somehow creates a recursive link in the folder

package/usr/src/kernel/drivers/gpu/arm/mali400/ump/arch/arch-release ->

This causes a crash in the build system.

Compilation runs fine though. This error seems to be within do_package.
I have removed the link, but somehow it is created automatically.

Any ideas?
Nothing off the top of my head. That link would be created by the kernel
build, and not by bitbake or the oe-core kernel build classes.

I'd start by looking at the kernel's makefiles and seeing where the
link is being created.

Do specific tasks work ? i.e. is that happening during unpack/patch, or
during compilation.



On 09.07.2014 14:44, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 14-07-09 05:38 AM, Dr. Markus Eich wrote:
Dear all,

I work on the process to compile odroid xu kernel with yocto/bitbake

In the kernel sources (from hardkernel) I have the corresponding
defconfig file, i.e. in the git folder

How can I tell bitbake in my recipe to use "odroidxu_ubuntu_defconfig"?
To trigger the oe-core kernel processing to use the defconfig, you need
to put that defconfig in your SRC_URI.

Which means you should grab a copy of that from the kernel tree, and
in the same directory structure as your kernel recipe.

See meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/linux/ for an



My recipe looks as follow:

require recipes-kernel/linux/



LINUX_VERSION = "3.4.91"

FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/linux-hardkernel-3.4:"

S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

# from where to fetch the kernel
KERNEL_REPO_OWNER ??= "hardkernel"
KERNEL_REPO_URI ??= "git://${KERNEL_REPO_OWNER}/linux.git"
KBRANCH = "odroidxu-3.4.y"


KV = "3.4.91"
PV = "${KV}+gitr${SRCPV}"

SRC_URI = " \
${KERNEL_REPO_URI};nocheckout=1;branch=${KBRANCH} \

PACKAGES =+ "kernel-headers"
FILES_kernel-headers = "${exec_prefix}/src/linux*"



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