Re: python tkinter dependencies

Jens Lucius <jenslucius@...>


It worked for me in my build env after trying several things.

I did setup a new yocto some while ago and actually had the same problems again.

There is a patch in python about tkinter (03-fix-tkinter-detection.patch).

I removed that, did a fresh rebuild of python (-c clean) and did a rebuild of my image (as no new image was written by building my image after rebuilding python).

Either of these did work for me, maybe somebody knows exactly which step :-)


Am 02.07.2014 05:41, schrieb Jate S:

The python-tkinter module requires _tkinter. A result from a websearch
suggested that I needed to make sure tk (from meta-oe/meta-oe) and tcl
were installed before compiling python.

I added a DEPENDS on the tk and tcl recipes to both python and
python-tkinter in a python_2.7.3.bbappend. It did not work and was
never built.

I'm looking for tips to figure out what is going on. Thanks.

- Jate S.

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