Understanding "Package groups"

Stefan Hofmann <stefan.hofmann@...>


I made my first steps with yocto and everything worked fine so far. But now I am struggling with "package groups". What I basically want, is a image for a base system, which allows me to install additional packages over the air with opkg. In my imagination package groups are something like preselected packages, which need to be installed at once similar like it is handled in Debian for X11-support for example. Is this right ? I have built core-image-base for testing purposes and tried to figure out the dependencies by using the Hob tool. It says that bash will be installed and the group "base/shell" is responsible for that. However it is not installed, only ash and I cannot find a package group "package-group-base-shell" in the receipes. It does however exist in the work directory. So now I am somewhat confused.



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