Re: nightly-release takes more than 24 hours to build.

Scott Garman <scott.a.garman@...>

On 11/01/2010 06:35 AM, Stewart, David C wrote:
I can buy another server and contribute it to the build effort. I had
intended to buy one this quarter to begin hosting
and a source mirror, but we could offload part of the builds to it as
Great, thanks Dave! :)

I have spec'ed out and initiated an order for our newest server. In case anyone likes to geek out on hardware specs, here they are:

Dell PowerEdge R710
2x Xeon X5680 @ 3.33Ghz
6x 1.5 TB hard drives for use in a RAID5 array

While it's not a 4-processor system, the additional resources should be sufficient for us to tackle our resource problems my distributing the workload more evenly.

The system will likely arrive and be set up around the end of the month.


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