kernel-yocto.bbclass ignoring SRCREV?

Wolfgang Denk <wd@...>


is my understanding of kernel-yocto.bbclass correct that it
effectively completely ignores any specific git commit ID that was
gien in SRCREV, but instead always checks out and uses the HEAD of the
respective branch?

Or am I missing something here? My expectation was that we specify a
git commit ID (as the only reliable, truly unique identifier for a
specific source code version) in SRCREV, but instead it appears that
this information is effectively being ignored?

I can understand that there are situations where automatically using
the top commit of a branch (say, the latest stable version of some
package) may be useful, but should there not be some different way to
do that?

I mean, how can we make sure to ever be able to reproduce the very
same build if the git commit ID specified in SRCREV will not be used
for the checkout?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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