Re: [PATCH] Documentation improvements for gitsm:// fetcher

Rifenbark, Scott M <scott.m.rifenbark@...>


This patch is not coming across to me intact. The process I use for patches is to take the attachment from my Thunderbird account and save it as an .EML file. Then, I mail that .EML file to my Linux box gmail account. From there I process the patch using the 'patch' command as normal. For some reason, the .EML file when it arrives to my gmail account has long lines of random characters (gibberish) that the patch program is unable to deal with. I am unsure if it is a problem on my end with my process or with the patch generation.


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Rough patch for documentation improvements now that I know how gitsm
should work and to help others that might be caught by switching from git://
to gitsm:// URIs.


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