Re: [meta-atmel] at91sam9x5ek: "no machine record defined" failure for core-image-minimal

Bryan Evenson


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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the tip. Any chance you tried assigning the PREFFERED_VERSION
to 3.6.9 and using the linux4sam meta-atmel layer as is?

I'll definitely check out your layer. I was hoping the at91sam9x5ek would just
build so that I could start tweaking it to define a machine works for its little
brother, the at91sam9g20ek.

I'm coming from an older 2.6.30 kernel that used a board file instead of the
device tree and was planning to use the demo build from meta-atmel and
some small mods to give myself a crash course on device tree development.
Looks like the learning curve might have steepened a bit.
I would take a look at using at least the 3.10 kernel from Atmel. It's the most stable one they have and it's where they've been backporting additional device tree support. I believe if you use my defconfig, you should be able to build a 3.10 kernel with Atmel's latest layer. And definitely start reading up on device tree development. It takes some getting used to but it is a good step forward.



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Subject: RE: [yocto] [meta-atmel] at91sam9x5ek: "no machine record
defined" failure for core-image-minimal


I'm currently using a fork of the meta-atmel layer for my at91sam9g25 board.
If I remember when they added at91sam9x5 support for meta-atmel, I think
the layer was on kernel 3.6.9 and now it's on 3.10. There's been a lot of
machine and device tree related configuration changes for this chipset
between 3.6.9 and 3.10, so that configuration might not work for 3.10.

The configuration I'm currently using is over at
kernel/linux/files/at91sam9x5ek/linux-3.10-at91. It also has some patches I
added in to pick up some missing peripheral support for my system. You may
want to give that a try and see if it helps.


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