Re: yocto build fails

Joshua Lock <josh@...>

On Fri, 2011-07-15 at 11:44 +0100, Gray, Mark D wrote:
I have been trying to build on Ubuntu 11.0.4. I think I have followed
the online documentation correctly. I have also followed the wiki
page, which is required for me, to set up the proxy servers. However,
the build is still failing for me. This is for Bernard-5.0.1. I get
the following message
| NOTE: fetch

| Cloning into bare
repository /home/green/mdgray/yocto/poky-5.0.1-build/downloads/git2/

| nc: read failed (0/3): Broken pipe
This would lead me to make a guess at your proxy settings not being
configured correctly for git with nc.

On closer inspection, the file is unavailable in the repo. I did a search and I could only find
Looks like we have a bad mirrored tarball. :-/

Joshua Lock
Yocto Project "Johannes factotum"
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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