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Paul McGougan <PMcGougan@...>

Hi all.


We are currently using Poky 1.5.0.


We have created our own custom layer for our powerpc-based board.


We are running u-boot as our bootloader and want to use the new FIT (FDT) style kernel/dtb image blob.


To that end, in our custom layer we have a file poky/meta-OURS/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_3.10.bbappend, and in that file I have a function do_install_append() in which I call u-boot’s mkimage passing it the kernel and DTB files that we want stored in the FIT image that we will use to boot from u-boot.


My first question is, is there a better place to be making the FIT image?


As a side-question to that, I was surprised that there isn’t native support already for creating this type of u-boot image considering how useful it is, does anyone know if there is a specific reason no one has done this yet?


Secondly, (and this is our main issue) I have found that by adding the do_install_append function, even if it is completely empty, whenever I try to bitbake anything that depends on the kernel, that bitbake always re-runs the kernel install stage, even when there have been no changes. Literally I can run a bitbake, then run the same bitbake command again, and both times the kernel install stage gets run (this is a problem because it takes a long time to run). It appears to be happening because the stampfile is not found every time (the hash appears to be wrong). Is this a bug? Is there a fix or work-around for this problem?





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