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Hi John,

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I'm trying to experiment with the SATO build on a DN2800MT with a VGA monitor, but can't seem to get going. The binaries from Daisy and genericX86 get as far as the Yocto progress bar complete, and then go black. Any quick hints?
Have a look in the README file for the cedartrail BSP. At the bottom you will find:

Work Around for VGA and LVDS Display issue in PVR driver

The PVR driver has a issue that for some systems it causes
it to incorrectly assume that a LVDS display is connected
while infact a VGA display is connected and Vice Versa.
If your VGA or LVDS display does not work with
"cedartrail" MACHINE, then if you have connected a VGA display,
add the following to the kernel command line:

video=LVDS-1:d video=VGA-1:e


I suspect it's this. Watch out if you use HDMI as well - the VGA fix seems to break HDMI. On my systems the VGA then works, but the HDMI pauses a lot running the same image! I think you can use similar magic for HDMI (or did I just take it out?).

I note also that genericX86 looks like a complete Yocto tree rather than just BSP layers. Am I right, and are there hints on how to combine this with a generic Daisy tree for other processors/projects?

Yocto_11_0_0/genericx86-daisy-11.0.0/meta-yocto-bsp/recipes-graphics/xorg-xserver/xserver-xf86-config/genericx86/xorg.conf is a zero length file. ?

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Thanks! What version Yocto are you using? I ask because you suggest I check the README file for the cedartrail BSP, but I've been unable to FIND a cedartrail BSP in anything newer than Denzil, and that only by searching the git trees. genericX86 is said to cover cedartrail, but it does seem, well, generic, with nothing particularly specific to cedartrail, and much more than what I'm used to in a Yocto BSP.
I'm using 'danny' as that's the latest version which includes video hardware acceleration for the DN2800.

At any rate, I'll try what you suggest in terms of the kernel command line.
The README says this fixes the issue for the PVR drivers, but I don't think they're included in later versions.

If you've still got problems, it may be worth posting to the meta-intel mailing list as well as that's where Intel BSPs are discussed.

Thanks again,

Chris Tapp


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