Re: [OE-core] GStreamer 0.10's future

Koen Kooi

Op 8 mei 2014, om 16:48 heeft Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...> het volgende geschreven:

Hi all,

Sorry for the cross-post but I want this to have a wide audience.

For the 1.7 release I want to move GStreamer 0.10 from oe-core into
meta-multimedia, and ensure everything in oe-core has ported to
GStreamer 1.x. GStreamer 0.10 is considered dead upstream and is
unmaintained so we don't need to be shipping both versions anymore.

Everyone in agreement?
A plus one from me.

Should I expect any hate mail over this?
This is the internet, of course you'll get hate mail :/

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