Re: Yocto Linux Project Sync notes

Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@...>

On 10/19/10 4:01 PM, Alex deVries wrote:

On 2010-10-19, at 11:40 AM, Stewart, David C wrote:

** Alex will put the hardware bits together, Darren to write down the description of what needs to come together and wiki-fy it.

Yes, so what I need is something like:

- description
- expected behaviour
- hardware used
- how to build and install the software

... for all four boards. The sooner we have something, the sooner I can start.

Does that make sense, Darren?
Darren (or someone else can correct me.. but what I'm doing now)

Board: RouterStationPro
Purpose: NAS and boot server for other board
- Contains file server for multimedia and other files
- Can serve files via:
- http
- tftp (likely needed if the other boards need to network boot)
- ftp (maybe)
- Will act as THE authoritation DHCP server for the network of boards
- no DNS on the network (is it needed?)

- From the meta-demo, build the poky-image-nas with the machine target of the routerstationpro (thats the goal, but there might be some custom config files in the end.. still working on it)

- A

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