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Bhushan S <>

Hello Cristian,

Had a similar doubt as described by Paul in Bug 5589.
Basically i wanted the "audiotestsrc" and "videotestsrc" plugins from gst-plugins-base and even though *-base was configured with those options, 
I still didn't see it in gst-inspect on qemux86.
only after I added it to "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL" i got it in the final image.

Normal understanding was to enable it while ./configure and that should work. Am I missing something here ? 


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What kind of troubles with gst-plugins-base?

See YB5589:

Maybe there is a hint in there, and the meta gst package will help..



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Yes Cristian.

My earlier attempt with scp was unsuccessful (probably lack of ssh support).


Currently I'm stuck with enabling gst-plugins-ugly package and plugins from gst-plugins-base package



On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 5:44 PM, Iorga, Cristian <cristian.iorga@...> wrote:



By  media files, you mean music or video files?

If so, depending on the image (if it has ssh support), you can copy into /home/root using scp after you boot the image.

I have use this to test mp3 playback, for example with some audio files.



Cristian Iorga


Intel Corporation


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I'm able to successfully launch "runqemu qemux86".

Now i intend to test the media libs built using Yocto on qemu currently.

Is it possible to transfer/copy media files to qemux86 emulator ?


I tried copying files to tmp/sysroots/qemux86/ but it didn't work.





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