why does quick start guide refer to non-provided "poky-image-sato"?

Robert P. J. Day

maybe i'm misreading something, but the yocto QS guide provides the
sample command:

$ bitbake -k poky-image-sato

however, nothing provides that target. i can see the git log entry:

commit 1947b17478187bb623da74484747e470ce42d206
Author: Scott Rifenbark <scott.m.rifenbark@...>
Date: Tue May 10 12:50:36 2011 -0500

documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: changed build command

The command used in the example to build an image was using
'bitbake core-image-sato', which is only available in master and
not Bernard. So, I changed the command to be 'bitbake poky-image-sato'
at Dave Stewart's request. He located and pointed out the error.

(From yocto-docs rev: 3fa83550aaec5a3549825814a77fa7a823a2daea)

Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <scott.m.rifenbark@...>
Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@...>

but it seems that "core-image-sato" is perfectly valid, at least at
the moment. clarification?



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