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On 10-11-03 03:32 PM, Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:
2010/11/3 Bruce Ashfield<bruce.ashfield@...>:
On 10-11-03 11:34 AM, Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:


I'm trying to add my powerpc board to yocto (as a test). This board
mpc8536ds has an e500v2 core. It works under OE (MACHINE =
I can definitely guarantee that this would work in
the yocto kernel (with a small local step for you), in
fact, I've got a full BSP for this, and any of the extra
features in the kernel (SPE, IEEE float, lttng, etc) will
all work for any e500* board.
Sounds good. Is there anything you could share as a starting point?
There is. And I'll clean it up a bit. The BSP bootstrap
currently has a couple of different steps that are local
to your build (but eventually merge to the kernel tree if
a board is supported) which allow you to work directly in
the kernel git repo for your board work.

In the near future I'll have some updates for BSP
bootstrapping, both code and documents. But I'm more
than happy to walk through this right now if there
is interest.




When doing the initial freescale board work, I ran into
similar (same) problems with userspace (and gcc), and
ended up backing off to a more generic optimization level
to get things working. So there are a definitely few things
to do. I was experimenting with FPU settings, but haven't
gone back to look again.



"calamari"). but gcc-cross-initial fails in do_compile when it tries
to run configure for the libgcc subdir.
The problem is similar to

Basically gcc-cross-initial fails building libgcc, config.log has:
cc1: error: not configured for ABI: 'spe'

I feel this is related to the generation of the host triplet.
OE has conf/distro/include/ which has a func
this one adds gnuspe to the host triplet (and maybe some other things).

poky does not give me that part of the triplet.

Anyone an idea what is wrong (I can provide machine description etc,
but it is also all in the OE git).

Best regards, Frans
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