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Bryan Evenson


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I am on poky/dylan, and I recently did something to really screw up my local
build and I'm trying to figure out how to recover. I have a custom image
which is core-image-minimal plus a few packages for my needs. For a target
device running my latest built image, the target recognizes USB devices but
does not automount a USB stick. Also, my target device does not have a
/dev/disk directory, which I assume means udev is not doing some things it

I have a local git repository of all layers which I'm using to tag my local
releases. The most likely candidate for my problem is after my last release, I
tried building with systemd for init just to see how that works, differences in
image size, etc. Specifically, I added:

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"
VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"

to my configuration. After the systemd test build, I deleted these three lines
from my configuration and rebuilt the image to revert back to sysVinit.
Everything seems to work on my system except USB stick automounting.
The only other core function modification I see since my last release was a
configuration change I'd made to Busbox, which I also have reverted. I did a
bitbake -c cleanall of all the installed packages on my image (at least I thought
so) and rebuilt the image. Even after the clean rebuild, I still have the issue
with the USB stick not automounting and no /dev/disk directory on the

Any ideas on what else needs to be cleaned out or rebuilt? I've been trying
to avoid deleting the entire tmp/ directory, but I will if that looks to be the
best solution.
I've tracked down what I believe is the problem. systemd builds udev revision 199, but dylan is using udev revision 182. After reverting the configuration for systemd, there was still a package for udev revision 199 in my ipk directory. Since I did not specify which revision of udev to use in my image recipe, udev revision 199 was being installed on my system.

I'm doing a full clean of all packages for my image and deleting the ipk/ directory to force a full rebuild of everything. After this incident, I want to make sure there were no more surprises left over.

Bryan Evenson
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