Re: some yocto/poky issues and errors

Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@...>

2010/11/3 Frans Meulenbroeks <fransmeulenbroeks@...>:
Dear all,

Not sure whether I should sent this here or to the poky ML. Trying
here first, fee free to forward/redirect.

After my initial success of building poky 4.0 with the delivered
config, I decided to try to add my own layer (with some private
recipes), meanwhile also switching to MACHINE = "beagleboard". These
recipes build under OE.
In order to get things parsing I had to rework a few legacy staging
things (no big deal).

Also I got an error:
NOTE: Handling BitBake files: - (0053/0886) [ 5 %]NOTE: Error
expanding variable do_package
ERROR: string index out of range while parsing

For now I removed the do_package function. No idea if that is sound.

After doing so the parsing goes well but I get an interesting
traceback, even if no recipe is given. See the log below.
I suspect this is because a var is referenced somewhere but the var is
not initialised. Guess this should not happen.
Then again my pythonese is not good enough to diagnose this.
Any suggestion is appreciated (meanwhile I'll try to use bisecting to
find the cause).

Best regards, Frans
Nevermind, already found the cause of the traceback. I accidently ran
bitbake in the wrong dir.
My default setup is such that BBPATH etc is set in such a way that I
can effectively run bitbake from any dir once the env is set.
Guess it would be nice if bitbake would have given a decent error msg though.

Frans (btw: still confused on the do_package thing)

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