Re: minimal yocto images not booting on Beagleboard-xM rev B

Darren Hart <dvhart@...>

On 07/06/2011 07:00 AM, G Rajender wrote:

I am new to Yocto project and Beagleboard.

I am using Beagleboard-xM rev B. I got the information about Yocto
project by search. Yocto is a good open platform for Embedded developers
for target specific architectures.

I have started working on Yocto project to build a LTP (Linux Test
Project) Test frame work for Beagleboard-xM rev B. I have downloaded the
Yocto release 1.0.1 and Beagleboard-xM BSP from the Yocto website. I
have installed the Yocto project poky build tool and demo image in my
Host PC (Ubuntu 10.04)as per poky quick start guide.

*Now I am trying to execute the meta-bsp (meta-beagleboard) binaries
(built images) on beagleboard-xM rev B as per README. Hardware file. But
the beagleboard-xM revision B is not booting with theses BSP images.*
Hi Rajender,

Welcome to the Yocto Project.

We just recently completed a major overhaul to the meta-yocto
beagleboard BSP, bringing it closer in line with the
meta-texasinstruments BSP. I have tested on a C4 and an xM Rev A. I have
reports of it working on rev B and not working on rev C, which we are
looking into.

For the best Yocto beagleboard support, I suggest building from the git
repository until the 1.1 release later this year.


* *

*Also I want add the Beagleboard BSP to the BBlayers of poky. I am
unable to understand the procedure explained in BSP developer’s guide.*

*Can anyone suggest or share the experiences about above problems.*

Thanks in advance and looking for your kind response.

Thanks and regards,


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