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That's how it works in my experience. I have some packages for my
system that have a postinst piece that needs to run during image
creation, and other pieces that need to run only on a package
By checking whether "x${D}" = "${D}", I am filtering out whether the
postinst script is running during image creation or on the actual
hardware. Been working great so far.
right, but what i was trying to clarify is (and i think you answer
it) that postint scripts will be invoked *both* at image creation time
and boot time, and it's your responsibility to identify which parts run
at which times.
Everyone else please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the package management tool checks if postinst completed successfully. The postinst script for a package can run either 1) during image creation, 2) during bootup or 3) during package installation/upgrade. If postinst for a package has not yet completed successfully, then the package management tool will try to run the postinst script for that package at the next triggerable event.




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