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Bryan Evenson


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I'm on poky/dylan-9.0.1 I am upgrading the Linux kernel for my device's
image from a custom 3.6.9 kernel to a custom 3.10 kernel. I'm using
this layer: as a basis for
the custom kernel recipe (there is a recipe for the 3.10 kernel that I
haven't yet deployed to Github in case anyone is wondering). I'm
attempting to do a firmware upgrade with my built packages (using opkg
for package management) and I've discovered an issue with the kernel
naming. On my pre-upgraded device, a list of installed packages


So when I build my updated Linux kernel, the kernel image is now named
"kernel-image-3.10.0-yocto-standard". So when I attempt to do an
upgrade, the kernel-devicetree is upgraded just fine but the kernel
image is not; kernel-image-3.10.0-yocto-standard is not the same
package as kernel-image-3.6.9-yocto-standard, so opkg does not see this
as an upgrade.

How do I force the packaging system to recognize that the new kernel is
an upgrade of the old kernel, even though the packages have different
names? And for the future, how do I change the package name so that it
doesn't include the version?
I have a partial solution, but I'm still curious as to if there is a cleaner method than what I've found so far. I have a package that is an image version so that way I can easily tell the overall distribution version. In that package, I added the line:

RDEPENDS_${PN} = "kernel-image (>= 3.10)"

When I did this, upgrading my image version package caused kernel-image-3.10.0-yocto-standard to be installed. However, opkg still claims that kernel-image-3.6.9-yocto-standard is still installed; it'd be nice to remove this package also. Would adding:

RCONFLICTS_${PN} = "kernel-image-3.6.9-yocto-standard"
RREPLACES_${PN} = "kernel-image-3.6.9-yocto-standard"

to the 3.10 kernel recipe fix the issue? And if so, moving forward would I then need to append the list with each kernel version that is created, in case I have an old system that has never been upgraded? I think this will work, but it seems messy.



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