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Bryan Evenson


That's how it works in my experience. I have some packages for my system that have a postinst piece that needs to run during image creation, and other pieces that need to run only on a package upgrade. By checking whether "x${D}" = "${D}", I am filtering out whether the postinst script is running during image creation or on the actual hardware. Been working great so far.


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I don't know... I am forwarding to the discussion list.


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when one defines pkg_postinst scripts, are those scripts invoked at
*both* root filesystem creation time and first boot time? so that one
needs to manually check the value of ${D} to decide whether to run
them, say, at first boot time?

i'm reading the section here:

and i know i've seen elsewhere scripts explicitly checking the value
the ${D} prefix to determine when they're being invoked. it *seems*
like that's what's happening, but if that's the case, it can probably
be said much more clearly.

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