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Bryan Evenson


Looks interesting. I have a question that I didn't see covered in the documentation (yet). I can see the benefit to having a single image firmware upgrade, but how does swupdate handle configuration differences? I can see cases in which the majority of the software will be the same but there will be configuration file differences from device to device. I like the idea of a single image upgrade, but not at the cost of wiping the device-specific configuration.

Bryan E.

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Hi everybody,

in the last ELCE, David point out in his presentation that we should
improve how to deploy Yocto images on the target.

I did some work this year to provide a reliable way for some customers
of us to install Yocto's images in field, and I have published last
week the sources. Here the link of the announcement:

Mainly, it is a tool that can be stored in the rootfs or will be put in
a separate initrd image and whose goal is only to update the system. I
have tried to describe pros and cons of several different solutions
(updating via bootloader ? single copy against dual copy ?) - you can
find details in the doc directory in the swupdate repository.

Maybe someone of you can find this helpful, and I will be happy if I
could get some feedback.

Best regards,
Stefano Babic

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