Compile on recipe works the second time

Bryan Evenson


I'm on poky/dylan-9.0.1 and I've created a layer for a separate open source project to include in my image. The layer is at for those of you who want to try and duplicate my results. Just add this layer to your setup and build the recipe "bacnet-stack".

I have a very odd build issue. The first time I build the recipe, the build fails during the compile step. However, if I then build the recipe again, the compile completes without errors. For example:

1. bitbake -c clean bacnet-stack
2. bitbake bacnet-stack (compile fails)
3. bitbake bacnet-stack (compile succeeds, rest of image packaging works)

Additionally, the following order compiles without error:
1. bitbake -c clean bacnet-stack
2. bitbake -c devshell bacnet-stack
3. (from devshell) make all (compile succeeds)

This project is divided into a static library and multiple demo applications. The static library needs to be built first, and then the demo applications include the static library in their build. I suspect I have an issue with either populating the static library or the related include files in the sysroot which causes the demo applications to fail to build the first time but work the second. However, I can't figure out how to fix the issue. Any pointers on what is setup wrong with this recipe?


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