Re: Call for help for demo UPNP media renderer

Saul Wold <saul.wold@...>


Can you take a look at this since you have worked with the gstreamer?


On 10/19/2010 02:15 PM, Joshua Lock wrote:
Hi all,

I've packaged Rygel, a upnp media server and renderer, to use as the
media renderer in the upnp demo. However I'm seeing a segfault at launch
and as it's getting late here I'm wondering if someone in a strategic
timezone can help debug while I cycle home and sleep.

The (ugly) recipes are in the josh/demo branch of the meta-demo

rygel --gst-debug-level=5

shows plenty of output, but nothing that jumps out to a gstreamer newb
like me. AFAICT I have all of the plugins required but it's possible we
need to add more.

If not I'll pick it up again in the morning.


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