Re: numerous questions about some ref manual variable glossary entries

Robert P. J. Day

On Mon, 4 Nov 2013, Paul Eggleton wrote:

Hi Robert,

On Sunday 03 November 2013 05:53:54 Robert P. J. Day wrote:
wasn't sure what to do about some of these so i'd appreciate
some clarification. and away we go, mostly in alphabetical order

that entry *really* implies you need the meta-yocto and
meta-yocto-bsp layers for a successful build, which clearly isn't
true as lots of layers work with simply oe-core. can/should that
explanation be reworded to not be quite so emphatic?
Yes, agreed. The entry should mention that this variable is only
actually used by Hob as well.
at the risk of sounding lazy, i'll let someone more comfortable with
this topic tweak that text.

reference to ${etcdir} ... how exactly does that differ from
${sysconfdir}? i've always understood that developers should use
${sysconfdir} in their recipe files.
I don't know where this came from but it is wrong. It should say
${sysconfdir} instead.
there's more to it than that -- there are a *number* of references
to "etcdir" scattered across a number of layers:

meta-angstrom/recipes-angstrom/angstrom/ etcdir ='${sysconfdir}/opkg', d)
meta-angstrom/recipes-angstrom/angstrom/ do_split_packages(d, etcdir, '^locale-(.*)\.conf$', 'angstrom-locale-%s-config', 'Angstrom feed config for the %s locale', extra_depends='', allow_links=True)
meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-extended/zsh/ --enable-etcdir=${sysconfdir} \
oe-core/meta/conf/documentation.conf:INITSCRIPT_NAME[doc] = "The filename of the initscript as installed to ${etcdir}/init.d. The variable is mandatory and is used in recipes when using update-rc.d.bbclass."
oe-core/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:-etcdir := $(subst /usr/etc,/etc,$(prefix)/etc)
oe-core/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:+etcdir := @sysconfdir@
oe-core/meta/recipes-bsp/pcmciautils/ etcdir = "${sysconfdir}"
oe-core/scripts/lib/mic/ etcdir = _path('/etc')
oe-core/scripts/lib/mic/ if not os.path.exists(etcdir):
oe-core/scripts/lib/mic/ os.makedirs(etcdir)
openembedded-core-contrib/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:-etcdir := $(subst /usr/etc,/etc,$(prefix)/etc)
openembedded-core-contrib/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/quilt/install.patch:+etcdir := @sysconfdir@
openembedded-core-contrib/meta/recipes-bsp/pcmciautils/ etcdir = "${sysconfdir}"
yocto-docs/documentation/ref-manual/ref-variables.xml: The filename of the initscript as installed to <filename>${etcdir}/init.d</filename>.

so it's not like that's an isolated occurrence. i have no idea *what*
to make of the above. is it all correct other than that single
reference above?

claims that a package's own name is already implicitly provided in
its RPROVIDES list. doesn't seem that way -- it's true for PROVIDES,
but doesn't seem true for RPROVIDES. thoughts?
It was me who got Scott to add this - I did so after seeing a number
of people trying to do RPROVIDES_${PN} = "recipename" in the hope of
fixing some problem they were having; but this won't do anything.
What makes you think it isn't the case?
i played with "bb show" to get the following (for the
arbitrarily-chosen recipe zlib):

$ bb show -r zlib PROVIDES
Parsing recipes..done.
PROVIDES="zlib "
$ bb show -r zlib RPROVIDES
Parsing recipes..done.

where you can see that, for the example zlib recipe, PROVIDES contains
the recipe name but RPROVIDES does not, so i assumed RPROVIDES didn't
automatically provide the package's own name. am i misreading what i'm
seeing above?



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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