Re: [PULL][linux-yocto] beagleboard: sync with meta-ti linux-omap_2.6.37

Koen Kooi

Op 18 jun 2011, om 18:09 heeft Bruce Ashfield het volgende geschreven:

On 11-06-18 11:13 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 18 jun 2011, om 17:10 heeft Koen Kooi het volgende geschreven:

Op 18 jun 2011, om 17:08 heeft Darren Hart het volgende geschreven:

On 06/18/2011 01:11 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:

Op 18 jun 2011, om 01:18 heeft Darren Hart het volgende geschreven:

From: Darren Hart<dvhart@...>

The following commits have been pulled in from the meta-ti
linux-omap_2.6.37 recipe, with the exception of: USB: ehci: remove
structure packing from ehci_def which hails from mainline and
should be applied to yocto/base, while the rest should be applied
to yocto/standard/beagleboard.

Fixes [YOCTO #764] Fixes [YOCTO #765] Fixes [YOCTO #767]

This brings linux-yocto in sync with the meta-ti linux-omap_2.6.37
recipe and significantly improves Beagleboard support in
linux-yocto. As there are 115 patches in total, and none of them
are new, I have omitted them from the email.

You seem to be including the patches that patch the kernel from
37rc7 (or rc8, I forget) to .37 final, which shouldn't apply. So
basically leave out the patches in the 'linus' directory.
There were about 200 patches in total, I've removed all those that
reverse applied and failed do to a conflict that was obviously a merge
of a very similar patch. That accounted for most of the 37-rc[78] to 37
patches from the linus directory.

The camera
interface also doesn't work, so the 'media' directory can be left out
as well.
The goal was to stay as close to the meta-ti/linux-omap_2.6.37 recipe as
possible with the linux-yocto kernel repository. Will you be removing
all of the media directory from there as well? I don't want to remove
them from here if you'll be *adding* to them there. However, if you'll
be sure to just be replacing them there, then I can drop them here.
The .37 isn't used, developed or supported for beagleboard anymore, .39 is all the rage now :)
Speaking of .39, is there a 'linux-yocto' type of tree for .39 mainline with a skeleton for machine support? If there is, I'd like to fork it to see if it can improve my current workflow which consist of self written scripts that emulate guilt.
I've got the linux-yocto-dev recipe in poky-extras, meta-kernel-dev
layer. That recipe tracked 2.6.39, and has now jumped to 3.0 (with
a minor cheat as I work through the 3.0 naming issues). The kernel
repo is hosted on as the linux-yocto-dev repo.

The repo is fast forward for a given version, and then is re-generated
when I jump it from version to version. I carry forward all the existing
patches and keep the qemu machines working. Although at the moment,
qemuppc is losing interrupts and can't get past init :)

That's also the repo where I'm testing out some changes to kern-tools
(but they are stable), which will show up shortly.
Thanks, I'll have a look at that. Is there already some doc out on how to create such a structure from scratch?

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